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Merri River Frontage

One of the best features of our school is the river frontage that we have access to.The Duke Of Ed class has been busy clearing the long grass, weeds and wild fennel that has been growing along the bank.
We have met with the Catchment Management Authority and they have advised us which plants are native and should remain, and which are non-native and should be removed.The goal is to have students using the river for fishing, canoeing and river studies by the end of the year. The next step is to mulch the area and begin planting native grasses and trees. 

New Toolkit

A huge huge thank you to Bunnings Warrnambool for their very generous donation of a sidchrome  tool trolley full of tools to the Merri River School

War On Waste

As part of our commitment to Sustainability and Resourcesmart we have purchased new 40 litre bins for each pod, the kitchen and staffroom. Students and staff are encouraged to put their rubbish into the correct bin. Hopefully the Landfill Bins will have very little waste put into them!! Our new bins, together with worm farms in each section of the school, ensures our waste is minimized and utilized where possible.

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